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The characteristics and usage of biomass pellets


Biomass pellets, which is a renewable resource.

Processing: Raw Material Chipping → Crushing → Drying → Pelletizing → Pellet Cooling → Final Pellets

Biomass Pellets are small, easy to carry, no pollution, and renewable, which will play a huge role in energy industry. With the development of new manufacturing technology, quality has been further improved. Raw material availability, competitive price, and diversification of energy policy, have promote the development of wood pellet industry.

1. Household heating and energy for daily use: high combustion utilization ratio, convenient storage, convenient use, safety and sanitation.
2. Biomass boiler: wood pellets is becoming the main fuel in industrial boiler, replacing coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve environmental pollution. At present, in China's Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, and many large and medium-sized city, state has taken control of coal, need to be replaced by biomass boiler.
3. Electricity generation: can be used as power fuel. Burning 10,000 tons of biomass fuel can replace 8,000 tons of standard coal, reducing SO2 emissions of 160tons, 80tons of soot emissions, CO2 emissions of 14,400 tons. A 4tons boiler, using 3,600tons of coal, if using biomass fuel, it can save 1,000,700, 000 China Yuan.