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The key function and value of feed pellet machine and crushing machine in feed production


Feed pelletizer and crusher are the key equipment in feed production, its function and configuration directly determines the value of feed production line. In the formulation and process of the same, which can improve the comprehensive efficiency of feed pellet machine and crusher, to win the direct economic benefits for feed factory. Therefore, how to maximize the function of the feed pellet machine and crusher, reducing production cost and improving the yield of feed really matters.

The key function of the crusher is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Different raw materials, different grinding fineness requirements of raw materials can be satisfied;
2. There is a great advantage of each of the raw material fineness requirements varieties.
3. Smoothly running, low failure rate, long life, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

The key function of feed pellet machine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. In the corresponding situation (conditioning temperature, moisture, ring die compression ratio), the pellet can adopt to different materials and requirements;
2. In situation of same formula and feed specifications, the feed pellet machine is of high yield and low ratio of feed powder, good quality (incision rate, uniform thickness and length), good stability, good feeding effect ;
3. Safe and reliable operation of the feed pellet machine. With sanitary seal, low failure rate, long time working life, high degree of automation and convenient maintenance.