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Animal feed manufacturing process


Sunwit Industry is a professional manufacturer feed making machine and feed production line in china. The production process of animal feed can be divided into several stages, and there are specialized feed processing equipment at each stage of the production process.

Animal feed manufacturing process

1-2t/h animal feed production line
Photos: 1-2t/h animal feed production line

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Step 01: Raw Materials Reception and Cleaning Process
The first stage involves receiving and cleaning raw materials for manufacturing the feed, such as grains, beans, grass or fishmeal.

Step 02: Feed Crushing Process
The hammer mill is an important equipment for the raw material grinding process. The hammer mill can grind the ingredients into the desired size. Suitable for small and medium-sized feed making plants. If you have a large feed granulation factory, then the drop hammer mill is ideal.

Step 03: Feed Mixing Process
Mixing is one of the necessary steps in animal feed production line. Proper mixing will increase material uniformity and improve feed quality.

Step 04: Animal Feed Pelleting Process
Feed pelletizing machine is the key equipment for feed making. Feed granulation machine is a ring mold design, widely used in the production of large-capacity feed particles.

Step 05: Feed Pellets Cooling Process
High-temperature, high-humid feed pellets leaving the feed pellet machine need to be cooled by a counterflow cooler. The temperature and moisture of the feed pellets are reduced with the cooler for the next step. These pellets can then be crushed, screened and packed.

Step 06: Feed Crumbling Process
It is used to crumble large diameter feed pellets into small particles, in order to meet small animal feeding, such as for chicks. By this method, the whole feed pellets production cost can be decreased, and it is much easier than directly manufacturing small size feed pellets.

Step 07: Feed Grading And Screening Process
This machine aims at grading the pellets after cooling and crumbing, so that feed pellets that meet standards can go to following packaging procedure, while large pellets or powder will go back to pelletizing or crumbling processes.

Step 08: Feed Pellets Packaging
In order to pack for storing, transporting and selling, automatic packing machine can weigh and pack the feedstuff pellets automatically with high accuracy.

Feed Pellet For Animals

Feed Pellets Making Business

According to the American Feed Industry Association, animal feed manufacturing is a billion-dollar industry. Feed is so important in raising poultry, pigs and livestock that some breeders even produce their own feed on site. If you plan to start a feed production business, you must understand that this is a capital-intensive enterprise.

You will need a lot of money to purchase manufacturing machinery (bagging equipment, computer process control, conveyors, mixers, dryers, granulators and grinders), computer technology, and vehicles for transporting raw materials and finished products. Another consideration for the business is the huge inventory investment. Feed producers often buy in bulk when they are cheap, taking advantage of fluctuations in the price of feed raw materials, or by contracting supply contracts in the coming months.

Why Make Feed Pellet For Animals?

In farming, every farmer should be aware of good and appropriate farming practices that can bring healthy and energetic animals. If we do farming commercially, we should do it in a way that will pay off for us. One of the golden laws of agriculture is to understand the proper feeding techniques and how this breeding will be of great help to your farming. You need to know which food state to feed the animal. For years, it has been a golden rule that pellets are more advantages to your animal.

Scientifically, feeding animals with pellets has a big advantage because it helps them easily digest the food they provide them, and it also helps to increase yields. In order to produce these pellets from the original/primitive raw materials found on the farm, a large feed pellet machine is required.