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Which is better for chickens pellets or crumbles?


Pellet Or Crumble, Which is Better?

I prefer pellets over crumble for many reasons:
-Less messy. Crumble is scattered throughout the ground as the chicken digs for feed with their beaks while eating. They do the same when using pellets, but it is more easy to eat from the ground than crumble.
-Easier to eat. Sometimes crumble turns to be powdery. Before the chicken pecks things, they looked at it with their left eye and then their right eye to find out what they were going to peck. If the crumble is powdery, it's hard to eat because the powder is so fine that you can't see anything at all. Pellets are easier to see. (The way to solve the powder/crumble is to put it in a bowl and mix it with water to make it chunky).
-Not wasteful. Crumble is scattered on the ground and sometimes not even eaten, so most of it is wasted. The waste crumble can be put into compost if you have one.
-Better nutrition. Crumble usually doesn't have enough calcium (and other nutrients to encourage egg-laying) for egg-laying hens because it's for chicks. So, for calcium deficiency, you can buy crushed oyster shells or grind the eggshells and mix them with the feed.
-Lasts longer. In my experience, pellets last longer than crumble. When stored, the crumble gathers together and gets moldy more quickly, especially in humid environments.

How To Choose Suitable Chicken Feed Making Machine?

Nigeria Chicken Feed Pellet Production Project

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For the buyers and users of feed processing machines, whether feed processing machines can maintain good operating conditions will directly affect the quality of feed production, output and feed production of the comprehensive cost. At the same time, it will also affect the quality of feed and animal feeding effect.

Typically, the complete feed making machine consists of a range of equipment, such as feed hammer mill, feed mixer, feed pellet machine, feed pellet cooler, dryer, grading screen, elevator, conveyor, pulse dust removal equipment, packaging scale and other equipment.

When purchasing an animal feed making machine, you should know the capacity required, the raw materials required, the procedures required, and the funds required. As a feed machinery manufacturer, we recommend that you select all equipment from one supplier, as only one manufacturer provides equipment that works well together. If you purchase equipments from two or more suppliers at a time, these devices may not function well and will not have good after-sales protection. You can choose Sunwit Industry as a supplier of your livestock or poultry feed making machine, because we have reliable equipment and a professional service team.

Types of Chicken Feed – Know More about Chicken Feed

Chicken feed comes in different forms, either pellet, crumble or mash, or a combination of pellets/grains. All the feeds mentioned next are complete feed, containing the right amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Mash, crumble and pellet feed
Photos: Mash, crumble or pellet feed

MASH : Mash is finely ground grains and mixed with protein supplements.
-Mash is cheaper than feed in the form of pellet or crumble because it is not processed or made into pellets
-Chickens are more likely to spill it out, leaving plenty of wasted feed on the ground.
-Can also be fed to grown chickens, but usually chicks or Pullets (hens under one year old).
-Usually the protein content is high, about 20%, higher than the laying hens which is about 16-17%.

CRUMBLE: Crumble feed is essentially pellets crunched into crumble form, but not smashed so finely to be called mash.
-Chickens tend to be the favorite in this form of feed.
-It can be very messy and most of it is spilled on the ground.
-Due to the spillage... It may cost more than mash.
-Can be fed to chicks, pullets or adult chickens in this form.

PELLET: Essentially the same feed as mash or crumble but made into pellet form.
-Less messy – the main reason I use it.
-Less spillage so your not losing as much money!
-Price is similar to Crumble feed.
-Is better suited for adult chickens (not chicks) because the size of the pellets are a bit big for chicks to swallow.

PELLET/GRAIN MIX: Combines grains like wheat, corn, oats and micro pellets, which are high in protein and include vitamins and other minerals.
Pellet/Grain Mix
-The grains are complete or cracked.
-Chickens usually prefer this mixture to any other option.
-It costs more than mash, crumbles or pellets.
-Some growers (and feed producers) say adding grain slowers the fine-tuning balance of chicken feed, so egg production will be affected.