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the factors affect the life of the feed pellet machine


After the purchase of particle machine, but also after a lot of factors will affect the feed particle machine life, where I tell you about the impact of straw particle machine life factors are those:
  1. Material moisture is too low, the processing of the object hardness is high, the processing power consumption is large, increasing the production cost of the enterprise, reducing the straw particle machine life, water is too large is not easy to crush, increase the hammer impact The number of times, at the same time due to the friction of the material and hammer blows to produce heat, so that the processing of internal water evaporation, evaporation of water and crushed powder to form a paste and plug the sieve, reducing the crusher. Such as grain, corn and other water are controlled at 14% or less
  2, can be set in the machine feed port permanent magnet, or in addition to iron, so as not to affect the pressure wheel, mold and the center of the shaft life by the straw pellet feed in the extrusion process temperature up to 50-85 ℃, Operation to bear a strong passive, but the lack of necessary and effective dust protection device, so every 2-5 working days, must be cleaned once the bearings, and add high temperature grease. Straw particles machine spindle every other Month cleaning refueling once, gear box interval will be cleaned and maintenance for six months, the transmission part of the screw fastening replacement should be carried out at any time
  3, in the material to suppress the end, will be a little wheat mixed with edible oil and put into the machine, press 1-2 minutes after the shutdown, so that the mold hole filled with oil so that the next boot will be able to feed production, both maintenance mold, And the man-hours of the straw pellet machine after the suspension of the pressure roller adjustment screw, and remove the residual material.