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The application of wood pellet machine


Wood pellet machine Scope: mainly for coarse fiber granulation, such as: wood chips, straw and so on.

Finished product applications - fuel aspects
1. suitable for all stoves, suitable for rural, urban, units and families, is cooking, heating, bathing, burning boilers, especially biomass power plant essential fuel;
2. grain coal is a small hard, easy to display distribution, it is pottery firing, brick factory, and smelting chemical good fuel;
3. straw lump coal burning after the ashes, rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and other elements, is a good hot organic fertilizer. Moreover, after the treatment of ash, the extraction of nano-silica, iron oxide, in the market is also very popular.

Wood pellet machine can be used in many industries, such as the furniture factory. As we know, the furniture factory would produce lots of waste wood and wood blocks in the production process, which would be thrown away or burnt before that would cause great waste.
Wood pellet machine is produced in such an environment. It can process sawdust or wood waste into wood pellets through the extrusion of pellet machine after crushing and drying. Then, wood pellets can be combusted fully to replace part of coal. It can not only save energy, but reduce the pollution to the environment.