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Cost of Fish Feed and Feed Pelleting Machine in Nigeria


Fish Farming in Nigeria

What’s the cost of Fish Feed in Nigeria? And also how many times can one feed his fish? For people that want to venture into this business they will like to get this important fact right before venturing into the business. We also want to know the cost of fish feed pelleting machine in Nigeria and where we can get it.

The cost of fish pelleting machine depends on the capacity of the machine. We provide small floating fish feed extruder to Nigeria at the prices from US$2000 to US$7500, capacity from 50 to 400kg/h.

Lately, the cost of fish feed in Nigeria has significantly gone up. This trend has seen fish farmers groaning under the current price of fish feed. A 15kg bag of catfish feed goes for N5,000-N9,000, while foreign produced fish feed go for N11,000.

The frequency of feeding for fishes depend on the level of development or growth of the fish. For juvenile fish, feeding needs to be more frequent to to their higher metabolic rate. Hence, these should be fed 2 to 3 times daily. For fish that weigh up to 400g, these should be fed once a day.

Why We Need Fish Feed Pellet Machine in Nigeria?

High cost of feed is a big challenge we are facing. It has been a major hindrance to our business. The high cost of fish feeds is affecting us. The only solution for now is self feed formulation and production. Most of the fish feeds are imported and the dollar is still very high against Naira.

Feed Pelleting Machine in Nigeria

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Buy use sunwit fish feed pellet making machine, users can use cheap raw materials such as straw, grain, soybean milk, rice husk and corn to make fish feed pellets. With simple structure, convenient operation and high temperature and pressure treatment, the machine can produce floating fish feed pellets and sinking fish feed without salmonella and bacteria injection. The feed machine is made of high quality steel with long service life and can improve the quality and floating time of fish feed pellets, which is more economical than compound powder feed. In addition to fisheries, sunwit feed extruder can also be used to produce feed pellets for feed mills, livestock farms and poultry farms.