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200KG/H Small Fish Feed Making Line in Nigeria


Name: 200Kg/H Fish Feed Production Line
Production Capacity: 200KG/H
Country: Nigeria
Date: May 19, 2020
Application: Widely used for small and medium fish farming to produce high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimp, crab, lobsters, etc.

On May 19, 2020, two sets of fish feed production lines for Nigerian customers were successfully delivered.

200kg/h Small Fish Feed Making Line in Nigeria
Photos: 200kg/h Small Fish Feed Making Line

This production line contains material crushing—>material mixing—>extruding process—>pellets drying—>oil spraying process—>pellets cooling
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Photos before shipment

How about Nigeria Fish Farming Investment?

In Lagos State, nearly 1,000 people have received aquaculture training to encourage greater self-sufficiency in fish production.

Lagos State is located in southwestern Nigeria, adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, and is one of the most important economic regions of this West African country. Despite its strategic location, the state ’s 22 million people produce only 40% of the fish needed.

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, the non-profit organization WorldFish is working to strengthen the country ’s aquaculture industry by providing training and conducting research. The organization estimates that Nigeria ’s total annual fish production is approximately 1 million metric tons, of which nearly 760,000 metric tons are from small-scale fisheries and 313,213 metric tons are from aquaculture.